Who runs the world?

When I was young I always thought the woman's fight for equality was a battle mostly fought by my mother's generation (and those previous). I thought the only fights left to be had were salary differences. The only time I experienced gender inequality was in gym class, and if I'm being honest, I really couldn't catch so the boys were pretty justified in not passing to me. But this past year has, unfortunately, taught me that's not true.

At work, when you act like ‘one of the boys’, they call you abrasive and difficult. So, if you act like a woman, they say you’re emotional and difficult. So, difficult is really just the word for anything that isn’t a man.
— I Don't Know How She Does It

That quote might be from a movie, but if the shoe fits... because this is totally how I feel! I'm a pretty blunt person, when there's a problem I want to address it right away, but when I do I get "handled". It's a tone that just says, "Woman, I will not deal with your emotional state because I know you cannot think clearly during it." Excuse me, I am upset, but I can discuss this properly, it's that tone that will make me go a little nutty.

At the end of the day I think about my best friend, who is bold in everything that she does and always has been. She is unapologetically herself and I think she knows who she is better for it. I have to be me too, and I want those around me, personally and professionally, to know exactly who that is too.