Time Doesn't Carve Itself Out

I don't have much to say because I haven't done a lot of work on my personal brand. I started this blog to give a real time, real life description of my journey to freelancing. So the real story is - you have to make time to do this shiz and it doesn't come easiy.

I am working on a logo for the wife of a guy I work with. They are friends of mine, but I want to be more specific because I don't know that they would have asked me to do this without the work connection. I think friends at work have a better understanding of what I do and think of me when they come accross their own design problems. I don't think my friend from church or neighbor would ask me for help as quickly. (I will write a reflection on this logo creation in a month, once it is done.)

Like I said, I don't have a lot to say. However realizing how quickly time is passing definitely motivates me!

Creatitivity is Intelligence Having Fun

I came across this quote while looking for art work on Etsy and it really fit my mood. Sometimes I feel like the low man on the totem pole because I'm not a developer, and sometimes I can really beat myself of for not understanding code. (I kind of refuse to accept that I can't do everything I put my mind to.) This little quote is a great reminder that I am uisng my brain, I just get to do pretty things with it.

creativity is intelligence having fun

I shot this picture to use for my friend's wedding invitation and program. It was a fun way to stretch my skills and a wonderful excuse to buy flowers. Two things that don't happen in an office job.

Stepping Stones

Last week I was organizing old documents and backing up finished projects when I came across this.

At work we had been trying to come up with a safe icon and these were two ideas I had produced. Neither were used, we ended up using a padlock from Font Awesome (which is a super handy tool for incorporating icons in your website), but I was happy to see them again. They reminded me that I am being creative in my job, even if the creations aren't being used. It's easy to focus on the negative and be weighed down by it, but growth will come from using projects like these as stepping stones. At least that's what I'm counting on.

Hello world!

Well, here goes nothing. And apparently those are going to be my first words on here. Ha! My name is Tori, if you couldn't tell by the name of the website. This is me and my little family.

me, luna, nemu, coco, tim, mojo

me, luna, nemu, coco, tim, mojo

I am starting this blog to document a new phase of my life. I am a year out of school, in my first career job and everything is going well-ish. I studied graphic design in school and that's what I got a job in. Hooray! However, I find myself creatively unfulfilled, so I want to find ways to satisfy that thirst and document that here. I am 100% sure that there are other people out there who feel like they're in the same boat as me and I want this to be a place for us to talk and encourage each other and mostly learn from each other. I read a lot of blogs that are written by awesome girls who are awesome freelancers and creators, which is where I want to be, but I don't know of anyone who talks (transparently) about getting to that independent point of life. I will absolutely elaborate more on everything in future posts, but I think this is a good genesis.